Volunteers of the Week

01/15/2018 - Tara Sands, $98 Club member

I was looking for a place to volunteer on a regular basis and I tried many different organizations. Food On Foot resonated with me right away. I love the direct interaction with the homeless people in the program and I know that my time and money are going to an amazing cause.

I love hearing the stories from the program participants and seeing their incredible spirit. You can see their love and appreciation for Food On Foot firsthand which makes it so different from other places I have volunteered.

I was lucky enough to have volunteered when a woman who had graduated from the program came back to visit. She was thriving and her positive attitude was so infectious.

01/03/2018 - Bob and Judie Jacquemin - $98 Club members

Attending a Sunday serving is a humbling experience. We connected on several levels with the other volunteers and the guests who attended. It was a privilege to do what we could to assist in providing a few creature comforts and to realize the magnitude of the effort.

We think Food on Foot is a charity that actually makes a difference. The way homeless participants are welcomed into the family, but expected to follow rules and policies, is a mission statement we can understand and support. The furnished apartment for six months allows a measure of discipline and stability and the $5,000 savings at the conclusion of six months is the beginning of independence.

Giving dignity and respectability back to people who have lost their way is a gift to those who can offer their time and energy. When we departed the Sunday serving, there was a feeling of accomplishment and the knowledge that we really did something instead of just writing a check or commiserating with our friends.

One of the things we enjoyed most about volunteering on Sunday was putting our hearts out there, listening to the pride of those who shared their ongoing stories of success and the recognition of those who received gift cards at the end of the day.

11/12/2017 - Hilton and Hyland Sponsorship

Thank you Hilton and Hyland for sponsoring our Sunday serving on November 12th, 2017. Hilton and Hyland brought an AMAZING group of co-workers and friends who helped distribute food to 135 people that day.

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