Volunteers of the Week

03/05/2018 - Mike, $98 Club member

Food on Foot is an amazing and mighty force with a solution based mission. They aren’t looking to put Band-Aids on the problem and recognize that homelessness is a temporary situation that can be worked out of. Food on Foot does 100Xs more with my money than I could accomplish on my own.

My favorite thing about Food on Foot is the process that has been developed. People that need food, clothing, blankets, etc can come and get it. If people want to take the initiative to get more assistance, Food on Foot is there for them. The process teaches all the tools required to get a person back on their feet. Going through the program teaches people about responsibility, accountability, and most importantly that their current situation is just that, the current situation - it doesn’t define them and doesn’t have to be their future.

I was introduced to Food on Foot by my sister that invited me to a Sunday volunteer event a couple of years ago. Approximately 2 years later I attended my first Sunday volunteer event and I got the proof that the program works. Of the several “gray shirts” that spoke, I recognized 2 of them as “green shirts” from years prior. They shared their stories and here we are today with people that worked out of their then temporary situation and re-wrote their path. Currently employed, living in apartments, and unbelievably gracious and appreciative for what they have been able to accomplish.

03/01/2018 - Sara Voit - $98 Club member - and her son Sammy Voit

Volunteering with Food on foot means being a part of making someone’s life better. We all need help at times and this is my chance to help others. I feel so lucky to be involved with this organization and I was so amazed with the experience.

I like that Food on Foot does not just give people food and clothing to homeless people. They also give them the skills and resources to change their lives forever. They are seriously committed to each person who participates and does not judge them at all. They show each participant that they believe in them.

One volunteer experience that was really meaningful to me was hearing the stories of the participants. I was surprised that they were so positive. I realized that I can do better and be more positive in my life. They helped me while I was helping them and I did not expect that. I especially thought the man who moved to CA to visit his sister and ended up homeless after a number of circumstances was a fun speaker. He made me laugh. I am glad to have the chance to be a part of such a great organization.
- Sammy Voit

02/13/2018 - Erica Acker - $98 Club member

Food on Foot means so much to me and my family. It’s an honor to be able to take a small part in such an important organization that directly impacts so many lives in a positive way.

I love supporting Food on Foot because we’re offering a path forward for homeless people who have been struggling and need to have some hope. As someone said the other day, it’s a “hand up not a hand out”. I really love that. I also appreciate that we get to see the progress being made first hand.

When I volunteered during a Sunday serving, there was a woman who shared her story and I was blown away by it. She had a PhD (I think maybe a Masters too), but due to family circumstances she ended up in a bad situation and was on the streets until she found Food on Foot and was now living in an apartment and working again. It really impacted me and made me realize that we never know the stories of people who are homeless; there are so many reasons why they might be in their current situation and even though I always had compassion for them, it made me think about the homeless in a totally different way.

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