Volunteers of the Week

04/03/2017 - Lisa Stewart - $98 Club member

I love how Food on Foot is so mindful of the dignity and humanity of the homeless clients they serve.

I love how Food on Foot not only gives food and clothing to the homeless, but also helps to build self- worth and kindness in this very often tough and not so kind world.

I was so touched by the people I met while volunteering during the Sunday serving.

It’s so easily for things can go south, and I feel so lucky and fortunate to have what I have. Any of us could potentially be in their situation needing a helping hand.

I am a single mom to a 19 year old boy. I have my own business and have been so fortunate to have been able to work for myself and to be able to be there for my son growing up. I am also 28 years clean and sober and see a lot of the principles that I have learned in AA in your work. The most important thing I have learned is that giving back and being of service is the key to my happiness and serenity. I look forward to introducing my son to you all and hope he will get as much out of it as I did today.

03/26/2017 - Theresa Protter - $98 Club Member

Volunteering with Food on Foot grounds and humbles me; it puts my personal challenges in perspective.

What I like most about volunteering is the personal interaction with the homeless people I'm helping - a couple of people stood out today - Terrell and Lakisha...I'm rooting for you!!!

I think homeless people are invisible to so many people - and they, in turn, try to become invisible. Generalizing, of course, but they don't look you in the eye. I greet every person, and ask how they are. It's so wonderful to see the look in their eyes when I say "good afternoon", "it's a pleasure to meet you". Most looked at me and smiled....a huge smile, and said “thank you.” I volunteer, but I get so much more than what I give.

03/19/2017 - Zvia Hempling - $98 Club member

Food on Foot is the only organization that I know of that in addition to feeding the homeless, also provides a means for homeless adults to make their way back into the work force, find housing and become contributing members of society.

What I like most about Food on Foot is the organization’s impressive 85% success rate.

While volunteering with Food on Foot, I had the opportunity to share a few words and to give and receive smiles with a number of homeless persons working hard to turn their lives around.

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